Automation Provider



Molding Equipment

An equipment to put a thermo-setting resin on the top of an IC chip for protection.
・Achieve low cost and enhance workability by adopting an original upper-clamp style.
・Provide extensive options on clamping force(40 or 60 ton) and configuration(manual to fully automated equipment).

Vacuum Dispensing Equipment

An equipment to accurately and automatically apply a resin to an IC chip in a vacuum.
・Prevent bubbles appearing in resin encapsulation by dispensing in a low vacuum.
・Achieve highly uniform encapsulation by vacuum leaking.
・Remove gas on a work in a vacuum.

MMM System

An equipment to measure the gap between a command and an actual path of a machining center.
・Insure accuracy of components and measure any machine movement except a circular orbit.
・Decrease failed components by practicing a periodical check on machining centers.

Lens Assembly Equipment

An equipment to automatically assemble a lens unit of camera module embedded in a mobile phone.
・Automatically assemble multiple lenses put on a plate with a fixed pitch.

Wafer Cleaning Equipment

An equipment to remove particles on a wafer.
・Practice chemical cleaning and ultra-pure-water rinsing in a single chamber.

OEM Products

Wet Medialess Atomizing Equipment

・An equipment to atomize an object by ultrahighspeed fluid. Our manufacturing experience is also applied to the field of nanotechnology.

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